Kara Krus, Tobacco & Others

Voicesfromabox have seen the previous wardens from the Metro Manila District Jail (MMDJ) in Camp Bagong Diwa, Taguig City fail in attempts to clean up the facility of nefarious activilies.

We would like to point out there have been noticeable positive changes under the leadership of the current warden John Conrad Basilio the contraband issues however from drugs, tobacco and various forms of gambling still thrive in the facility. Stricter searches and shortened visiting times of the public has produced limited results as contraband continues to enter the facility unabated. So if it’s not the visitors bringing in the illegal substances who is? Could it possibly be the people who work in the facility, the employees of the BJMP? The warden as much as he may have intentions of eradicating all illegal activities, if his staff are not on the same page he may well be banging his head up against a brick wall or a metal bar as the case may be.

The detainees or inmates in any facility will always look for ways to feed their addictions, if there is an availability or a supply network they will continue to indulge in their perceived pleasures of addiction, this is it seems a never ending circle of supply and demand.

We are hearing of a group of detained PNP personell (former) at MMDJ with cases ranging from murder, kidnap for ransom, homicide, and drugs. It is alleged these PNP detainees are nefarious and are apt in the art of manipulating other inmates. Inmates are afraid of them thats why they keep their mouth shut regarding the illegal activities of this group of detainees. An example of this group is a certain PO3 Allan Verana, an ex policeman charged with kidnap for ransom with homicide. This former policeman should in our opinion be setting a good example for other inmates but it is alleged he sells tobacco, even has his own vendors and at times personally sells tobacco in the hallway. It is said that he is also involved in the drug trade and illegal gambling (Kara Krus). Our insider sources tell of their expected “leadership by example”, which would be in line with the oath he took at the PNP. Sources suggested he has connections to the previous two wardens, and his activities remain unsanctioned to date, we are told numerous complaints have been filed but were not given attention by the previous administration. He has been overheard stating “Ah jail guards lang ang mga iyan, wala yan, pulis tayo eh“. It maybe prudent at some point in time for the BJMP to have a separate facility for all former policemen and military personnel which is segregated from civilian detainees.

Gambling especially “kara krus” is, we are told an easy way for influential detainees to make money to support their other vices. This game in essence funds the purchase of shabu and tobacco in the facility and should be stopped. Jail officers are well aware of this activity but seem to turn a blind eye, could it be some guards are receiving a cut from these gambling activities.

With regards with the tobacco “monopoly”, it should be stopped, period. A number of detainees are having respiratory problems, our sources tell of approximately 60 detainees that are positive with TB bringing additional burden to their confinement and a financial burden to the government. We are told the tobacco “operators’ have to cook the tobacco bars then cut the bars into small pieces, to be rolled into newspaper wrapped cigarettes, all done within the confines of the cells.

We at VFaB wish Warden Basilio and his team well in their efforts to curtail these illegal trades within their area of responsibility. We also bring in the new year with the hope that our exposing the illegal activities, will be seen as a “pro active” effort by the authorities. We believe after 6 years under the utterly inept Aquino administration it is time for change, and we are one with President Duterte in giving all of our countrymen and women a corruption free government that actually gets things done in a timely manner.

In closing a snappy VFaB salute goes out to Warden John Conrad Basilio, Deputy Warden Ariel Meriado and to all the BJMP personnel who are fighting corruption, we stand together in this fight.

Mabuhay ang Pilipinas at mabuhay po kayo!


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