Indians in Iloilo

An Indian national Paramjit Singh alias (GAGAN) was a few days ago the subject of a Bureau of Immigration (BI) mission order. He was previously detained at the BI detention center in Camp Bagong Diwa Bicutan Metro Manila, but was released on bail in 2016. The details of the issuance of the mission order are sketchy but what is clear are the following. 1) The BI team led by a certain Jude, coordinated with local PNP and Barangay officials. 2) The subject of the mission order alias GAGAN was a resident of Iloilo. 3) The BI while looking for GAGAN rounded up a total of 32 Indian nationals to as they claim, ” verify their status”. 4) All 32 were brought to a PNP facility. 5) Upon verification of documents it was established GAGAN has violated conditions of his bail and was yesterday transported to the BI detention facility in Bicutan. 6) 8 of the individuals had quota visas stamped in their passports. 7) 14 of the individuals had 9 G visas stamped in their passports 8) 10 of the individuals had expired visas. A very interesting fact is our Iloilo insider source tells that non other than Commissioner Jaime Morente called his agent Jude inquiring on the status of the operation. Another very interesting fact is that 31 of the 32 were released. I’m sure our readers are more than a little curios how the others were released almost immediately, so indulge me while I explain the complexities of the inner workings of the BI. It’s really very simple folks, a price is negotiated, once agreed on and paid everyone goes home, untill the next time someone at BI decides they are a little short of pocket change. The 8 quota visa holders were charged 100,000 pesos each, the 14, 9G visa holders were charged 200,000 pesos each and the 10 expired visa holders were charged 300,000 pesos each. A total of 6,600,000.00 pesos folks, oh before I forget agent Jude was initially asking for 8 million. Thus are the workings of the BI ladies and gentlemen, not a bad days income, the only sad part about the whole stinking scenario, is the government pays the expenses for the operation and the corrupt BI personnel get to line the pockets with corruption money, a very bad investment for the government. “CHANGE IS COMING” President Rodrigo Roa Duterte The below is the press release from the BI folks, see the cover up. The 3 Indians were arrested by PDEA over 6 months ago…..


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