De Neri vs De Nada

We received via email a cry from one of our readers after trying unsuccessfully for two days to meet with a government official, a “civil servant” as President Duterte likes to call those in government service. After one day waiting she was advised to return to the Intramuros office of the Bureau of Immigration at 10am the next day for a meeting with Deputy Commissioner Aimee Torrefranca-Neri of the Bureau of Immigration (BI) only to be met with arrogance and disrespect, below is the unedited story.

(Picture credits where due)

“I arrived at Bureau of Immigration after a gruesome 4 hours of traveling from Pampanga. I went up to the 2nd floor and asked the guard outside The Deputy Commissioner’s office if Deputy Commissioner Neri was available. I was referred to and assisted into the office by one of the office workers named Dexter. He asked me what I was there for and I briefly explained to him my concern while emphasizing that I wanted to take up my matter with the Deputy Commissioner herself. He told me she wasn’t available today, so I asked him when would be her next open schedule, also reminding him that I was coming from Pampanga. He told me to come back at 10am the following day. So I commuted back to BI the next morning. I arrived outside the office and was told to wait. No further explanation”.

(Picture credits where due)

“So I waited on a chair directly outside the door. I watched as people came in and out of her office, even she made an appearance outside her office, casually talking to people, but completely ignoring me. Since I wasn’t sure at the time if it was her I did not try to disturb her. After 3 long hours of patiently waiting right outside her door, an unknown man came out to me and took a seat next to me. Without any questions or consideration, he said to me that unfortunately I was not allowed to see Deputy Commissioner Neri and that “they” had already discussed my situation, without my knowledge and without a clue as to what I was there for. At this point in time I was beyond frustrated and told him how upset I was of the way I was being treated. He stood up and said he’d talk to “someone” and then went back into the office. I waited for a while, not knowing who, what or for how long I was supposed to wait for. It eventually became obvious I was being avoided, so feeling helpless and hopeless by 3pm that I stood up and left for the arduous return to Pampanga”.

We at VFaB are accustomed to dealing with the at times callousness of various government offices, but we had very high hopes that with the move of Deputy Commissioner Neri from the DoJ to the BI, she would spearhead a wave of reform in the infamously corrupt institution.

Note to self, VFaB, wrong again, disappointing……..


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