Embassy of Little Help

The US embassy in Manila, Philippines has and annual budget of $358,000,000. Of this many millions are spent on the Philippines and it’s citizens. The embassy will help Americans if they are getting married or visas to immigrate the spouse or fiancee or her family members.

Outside of that the US embassy is on a mission to give away to the Philippines all year and if an American is in distress they are largely ignored and lied to with false promises to help.

That’s exactly what I have experienced for over a year now. I am being illegally detained at the Bureau of Immigration (BI) Detention Center in Metro Manila. The embassy sends, as their job title describes them, counselors every few months. They were coming every other month. Then after three months. And the latest appearance was more than three months and a week. They supposedly are to ensure that the medical, dental, and dietary needs are being met. None of that occurs. None. Zero.


I’m a heart patient requiring daily maintenance meds of which without is a slow agonizing guaranteed death. The embassy called in September saying that they called the Bureau of Immigration office and it was arranged to transport me to pharmacies to acquire the meds. It finally happened three months and a week later. Did the embassy make one follow-up call to check if this happened? NO. Unfortunately I was out of meds for more than two months and the heart condition changes were painfully obvious. My blood pressure was down to 80/50, quite dizzy and weak but I’m still alive. If I stay longer here undoubtedly I will not and cannot survive. I have been ill several ways here with infections, colds, undiagnosed but likely pneumonia, and other ailments. There are a plethora of rats, mice, three types of cockroaches, bedbugs beyond description of the quantity, mosquitoes, and other unidentified insects. It’s filthy dirty, something you would never find in any developed country. After being told last February by a Special Agent that came here with the embassy counselors that I would be taken out of here and brought back to the US I have remained here. China, Taiwan, Korea, Nigeria, and Italy all have promoted successfully to have their citizens released and returned to their respective countries. After being told in person by the Special Agent that I would be taken out of here the counselors claim they can’t do anything. I say hogwash, not the slightest believable. The United States has taken over entire countries. Certainly the United States can move one person in a country they are already in peacefully. I’ve witnessed it occur with the efforts of the embassies of the aforementioned countries. On December 31, 2017 I began a hunger strike seeking the efforts of the US embassy to get me out of here and brought back to the US. The only action they have taken is to contact the poorly equipped nursing staff here to check on me. They have checked my blood pressure and no more than that and it’s been all over the map from dangerous levels to normal. Not one representative from the embassy has appeared in person and this is day thirty (30) of the hunger strike. I am normally dizzy, have become weak and progressively so, have vague thinking at times and chills. It’s never cold here. I will leave here either by foot or in a box but I will leave. I’m not suicidal but doing this to save my life as I truly believe that staying here is a for-sure death sentence as I cannot survive this. The US embassy in Manila is at the very least a huge disappointment and appears to be a for the Philippines and not at all for American citizens. I’ve been paying taxes since I was fifteen years old, approximately forty seven years, and for the first time ever I’m asking help from a US government agency, a division of the State Department, for help and being completely ignored. I never ignored the US government every April fifteenth. Take heed US embassy, Kim Sung, US ambassador to the Philippines, and Rex Tillerson. Remaining both anonymous and a patriotic American citizen. Note: the anonymity is to avoid possible retribution from the (BI)

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