Chinese New Year

Its Chinese New Year again, so we at VFaB thought of sharing a few of the fascinating cases we have encountered within the Philippine Justice System.

From syndicated Estafa charges being filed against a single respondent, the case being dismissed by the Regional Trial Court, elevated to the Appellate Court, again elevated to the Supreme Court. The highest court in the land sent the case back to the Regional Trial Court and the accused ( a single respondent ) was found guilty of syndicated Estafa and is serving a sentence in the national penitentiary.

A case where the prosecution service inhibited no less than seven (7) judges just to secure a human trafficking conviction, on a clear case of what should have been no more than falsification of public documents charge. The prosecution on the 7th judge finally got their trafficking conviction.

A clear cut case of human trafficking, and various other charges (71) in total, where the prosecution is now doubtful of a conviction because the court house caught fire and all the evidence relevant to the cases was was reduced to ashes.

A recent case of a Chinese national taken from the Bureau of Immigration detention center to a hospital after a stabbing incident, forcibly removed from his hospital bed a week later with tubes still in his body by 10 men in civilian clothes, put a chartered airplane and deported to China, without his Filipina wife knowing where her husband was taken to, or what fate awaits him in China.

The elderly Hong Kong national who we wrote about in an article titled ” Serving Overtime” who until today is detained by the Bureau of Immigration after serving a 30 year sentence in the national penitentiary. Yet the authorities do nothing to rectify this wrong.

We hope the year of the dog, brings with it a burning desire in the individuals running and working in the justice system to see justice done in a timely fashion. Remember folks “Justice delayed is justice denied “

In closing we wish all our Chinese readers a safe, prosperous, corruption free year of the dog.

Kung Hei Fat Choi


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