Lackadaisical Legislation

Lackadaisical as per the Oxford dictionary means (Lacking in enthusiasm and effort).

We recently ran a story on our Facebook page regarding the pending immigration bills before the Senate and the Congress, please see below link.

Our research team after an early morning meeting, were tasked to look deeper into the pending bills and were shocked to find that seven (7) almost similar bills have been introduced over the past nine (9) years but not acted upon by either the lower or upper house. Please see below a brief on the bills.

Senate Bill – S.B. No. 3404, 24th August 2009, Senators Enrile, Pangilinan, Trillanes, Lacson, Angaraand Escudero. “Philippine Immigration Act of 2009″

House Bill – H.B. No. 1134. 5th July 2013, Hon, Feliciano Belmonte Jr.“Philippine Immigration Act of 2013″

Senate Bill – S.B. No. 17, 30th June 2016, Sen. Franklin M. Drilon, “Immigration Act of the Philippines”

Senate Bill – S.B. No. 85, 30th June 2016, Sen. Francis G. Escudero, “Philippines Immigration Act”

House Bill – H.B. No. 1305 7th July 2016, Hon Leopoldo N. Bataoil. “Philippine Immigration and Registration of Foreign Nationals Act” (hidden in maternity).

Senate Bill – S.B. No. 501, 16th July 2016, Sen. Antonio “Sunny” F. Trillanes, “Philippine Immigration Act of 2016″

House Bill – H.B. No. 5525, 3rd May 2017, Hon Gus S. Tambunting, “Philippine Immigration Act of 2017″

We fail to comprehend how President Rodrigo Roa Duterte and Commissioner Jaime Morente of the Bureau of Immigration have publicly stated the existing immigration laws are outdated and need to be brought but into the 21st century, but seems to have fallen on deaf ears with the country’s law makers.

We urge our elected leaders to urgently address this overlooked legislative action soonest. The Bureau of Immigration (BI) are operating under the 1940 Commonwealth Immigration act, obviously draconian and unconstitutional. The 2015 (BI) omnibus rules of procedure which bare the signatures of then Commissioner Mison and then Secretary of Justice Leila Delima. The omnibus rules of procedure was in our opinion, simply a rather pathetic attempt to legitimise the arbitrary detention that was taking place under their stewardship of the (BI).

Senate President Aquilino (Koko) Pimentel, Speaker Pantaleon (Bebot) Alvarez we urge you to please address the pending immigration bills before your respective houses’. The enactment of any one of the bills will eradicate the ongoing illegal activities within the Bureau and provide the personnel of the Bureau the legal groundwork to adequately protect our national borders.

#DraconianLaws #FairJustice


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