Love Gone Wrong

We received this story from a Turkish national who provided us with numerous pictures and screenshots of messages. He asked us to post his story of Love Gone Wrong, in his words

“I met Jacqueline in July

of 2016. I had come to Baguio because I was invited by the department of agriculture to check their facilities. When I visited Baguio and saw the climate I decided to live here and to do indoor agriculture. I met a lady in Maharlika who had an available unit for me to rent in Bakakeng. I moved to Baguio but the owner of the unit changed her mind to give the unit to me but she allowed me to rent a room there until I find another unit. While I was in Bakakeng I had no friend, I knew none in Baguio except the officers in DA. I met Jacqueline through an internet app, she told me that she was a Pastora in a church, she is widowed and we became close. I wanted to know her more and in very short time I found myself in a relationship. She presented herself to me as a faithful Christian woman but to have sexuality with me she was feeling free. Short time later I needed to change my accommodation because the unit was rented by someone else, so I asked help from Jacqueline. It was very rainy and difficult to search for a place so she offered me to live with her but I said I am not happy of having relationship without marriage so she arranged a transient house with one of her relatives and church member. After awhile she requested me to stay in the church which she was running, For the moment I didn’t have another option, it was a unit under a house and Jacqueline was using it only for Sunday meetings and the rest it was empty so I accepted to pay the rent and stay there. She offered me to preach in the church and I accepted because my knowledge about bible is enough to preach. When I started staying in the church in tiptop location, Jacqueline was also staying with me. I was very embarrassed and I was feeling in kind of a hypocrisy in my faith in God. I am preaching in the church advising people about righteousness but I am having sexual immoralities with a woman in the place where I was preaching. Jacqueline wanted to marry me in the very first day she met me. Finally I took Jacqueline in front of the church, we got down on our knees and we repented and I made us married by praying and in the first opportunity I went to Turkish embassy in Manila I received the document which I needed to get married and Jacqueline and I went to the health center in Baguio to start marriage procedures, I gave my passport to Jacqueline to complete the process. I met her children and step daughter while she was about to give birth. Everything seemed to be perfect. She have Christian children, they are all serving Christ, Jacqueline knows about Bible well enough and I was going to marry her soon. At the same time Jacqueline and I agreed to be business partners in my agriculture projects. She found a unit in Kitma village for me to do indoor agriculture. I had come to Philippines with 9.000 USD and my plan was to use 2.000 USD for my living, the rest of them was going to go to the business. I gave 7.000 USD to Jacqueline to keep it for our business and our marriage and she supposed to use the money for our marriage. After awhile when I knew Jacqueline and her children more, the perfect image of theirs disappeared. I thought her children were married already, her daughter was living with a guy without marriage and she has a child, her son is living with a woman without marriage and she is pregnant. Jacqueline’s step daughter gave birth but for 2 months nobody visit her until I told Jacqueline to visit. Jacqueline told me that our marriage procedures will take long time because she is a widow and I am a foreigner. Every positive image gone and only disappointment left. All my money was with Jacqueline and I was like slave, trying to build my agriculture projects without any money, Jacqueline was controlling everything in my life, she was reading my messages on my phone. Much before I met Jacqueline while I was in San Fernando Pampanga I had been in short time relationship and this lady had called me and she told me that she was pregnant and she was asking small group of money as help. Because Jacqueline had all my money with her I requested from her to send this lady. Jacqueline deleted her number and messages from my phone and even now I don’t know if I have a child in Philippines or not. I asked my family to send me some more money for my personal expenses because Jackie wasn’t being responsible for anything, first she told me that she had to pay the instalment of her lot in Pangasinan over 200.000 pesos and soon she was going to sub-divide her lot and she is going to earn very good amount then she will replace my money. In December 2016 I told her to correct herself and make their children married, unless if they don’t get married I will not marry her, she cried but she accepted to make her children married and after awhile we met an Italian man who lived in Baguio City for 7 years, suddenly Jacqueline and Italian man (Bruno) started chatting and meeting. I found them dating. I gave up with Jacqueline.

I told her give my money and to leave. She threatened me; she said she has a registered gun and, will kill me, I didn’t take her serious. She told me that nothing happened between Bruno and her, she made everything to make me jealous. I didn’t forgive her, I met another lady and I asked my family to send money in her name so she can give little by little. The reason I give my money to Jacqueline and my girlfriend is because I don’t want to spend money without control. Jacqueline found out that I have a new girlfriend and she threatened me more but I never took her serious. In February or March 2017 Jacqueline made wedding for her daughter (according to what she said she used the rest of my money). In March 2017 Jacqueline visited me and she slept with me by forcing and told that she will do good sex with me so that I will not need to look to another woman, after few days she told me she was pregnant. Every week go to different doctor for ultrasound, they said that there is a sack but not a baby. During all these times I never left her alone, I continued preaching in the church, I was in the wedding of her daughter, I was in the birth of her grandchild, I was beside her during the time when she was operated but I couldn’t forgive her because I had caught her dating with Bruno. After she recovered from the surgery she came closer to me to restore our relationship but I had already another girlfriend and she wanted me to leave her. She was always reminding me our oath to God and she was calling me her husband. For a reason my girlfriend and I had an argument and we stopped seeing each other, this time Jacqueline came closer to me, I told her to complete the process for marriage, she said okay and after few weeks later I caught her chatting with another foreigner who was in Manila and when I got angry of her she told that she does this things because of me. Finally Jacqueline completed marriage documents and I gave up preaching in the church, Jacqueline and I rented an apartment in Crystal cave, we will get married and we will live together with her daughter Mishaele and her husband and the youngest daughter and Diana (Diana is an abandoned girl, Jacqueline look after her, actually Diana look after all of them). After I rented the house in Crystal cave, Jacqueline changed her mind living there (August 2017). In 1st September I had to renew my visa, I asked Jacqueline to meet me and bring passport. While we were on the way to Immigration office I asked Jacqueline where is our marriage certificate because immigration office renew my visa based to those documents. Jacqueline said marriage papers are expired. I asked how, she said they are expired, she met a guy on internet, he will come here and they will get married. I was already upset with her, now she destroyed everything. I said, give my money, I will go back to Turkey. She said, I don’t need to go back to Turkey, we can continue as business partners, she doesn’t have money to pay back, I have to give her time. Then I learned that Harry is already married to another filipina woman but they divoced in USA and before he was married to an American woman and divorced also. I tried to convince Jacqueline not to communicate with the guy because according to the Bible divorce is not acceptable unless if there is adultery and even if there is a divorce after adultery is no second time marriage. Jacqueline said she convinced and she told Harry not to come for her and she started remind me our marriage.Then she took me to a pastor, we agreed that whatever pastor advice us we will accept. Pastor told us to make our official marriage as soon as possible because we had taken oath to God. Jacqueline and I started living in house because this time her daughter started giving difficulties, she brings police to my apartment in Crystal cave and she is kicking my door, she is disturbing my landlord and the neighbors. Jacqueline and I went to health center again, they said to us that can get married in ten days time if we renew the documents. Jacqueline sent me to Manila to Turkish embassy to document in 13 November, I returned in the same day. 14-15 are weekend, 16-17 offices were closed in Philippines because of official holliday, 18 October jakie told me that she has to go to Pangasinan. When she returned in the evening she told me that I must sleep in her house she will see me in the morning because she must go to work in a call center. But in the morning she didn’t come home, she doesn’t respond my calls she texted me a few times without sense like she can’t give a child, and is sick, so she needs to go to Manila and pray. After 3 days she called me and we will meet in La Trinidad in Dapayan restaurant, we met. She said to me she was in La Trinidad to get money from her cooperative, so she can pay me my money. She get 2000 USD from Harry and she will get 5000 USD from cooperative and she will leave me. I asked is this what you want? She said her children are forcing her. I spoke to her all day we prayed, I told her we will return money to Harry and he will leave us. She said okay but she didn’t let me face with Harry, then daughter was calling me, threatening me by saying; I will have you deported, I will put you in prison and she was telling me to leave her mother, insulting me and while we eating dinner outside she goes my house with police officers and disturb everyone. After we ate dinner around 11 pm Jackie took me to BPI bank and forcing me to put money into her bank account, at least she wants half of the money. I said if we are going secure money let’s put all, then she gave me the ATM card. While we were together whenever it was necessary I used her ATM card, I knew the PIN number already. This all happened BPI Harrison branch. Then Jackie and I went to Session Rd, from Mercury drug store under porta vaga we bought medicine for Jackie and she wanted to go to her daughter Mishaele’s house. I didn’t want her to go there but she said she needs to do laundry and she promised me in God’s name that will not see Harry again and she will see me in the morning.

In the morning Jackie neither called me, nor texted me, nor was her phone on. I went to a BPI ATM and I took money from because I didn’t trust Jackie. 3 days I took money from ATM, totally I could saved 80.000 but still 22.000 remaining. I called her daughter Mishaele she said Jacqueline went to Manila to pray in her main church, she is a member of Jesus the Gospel Church International. Because I everyday 3 times was collecting coffee ground from Starbucks coffee shops and from il Padrino cafe to use as a substrate for mushroom geowing, I was leaving the bags at Jackie’s house 3 times a day and I was asking Jair, Frame or Franz’s if Jackie was there. I didn’t believe Jackie was in Manila. 24 October I heard from a mutual friend that Jackie and Bruno had long-term relationship and when Jackie became pregnant Bruno left her. All night I was crying and drinking. Mishaele was still fooling me on phone with her text messages, I spoke to my mother in Turkey and she asked me what happened because they were expecting me to get married, I explained a little bit and she dropped the phone, my sister asked me do I want to kill my mother? My mother is 76 years old, I am her youngest child and I am the only one in family who is still single, all my money, all my efforts, more than 15 months of my life is lost because of a woman who calls herself a Pastora and sleep around with different foreigner men and using me to be the father to her child which came from another foreigner man. When I saw my mother’s disappointment and my sister scolded me, I gathered myself and left from the house around 4 am and I went to the call center, I asked about Jackie, people know me there as Jackie’s husband because she was introducing me to them this way. They said to me that she left already with Mark Villanueva her son in law. I went home back in Crystal cave. I gathered myself, stopped crying and I went to Jackie’s house in engineer’s hill. When I arrived the door was open Franzane was awake in the kitchen. I said to Franzane “can you please wake Jair, it is an urgent situation” she shake her head and went to the room. I waited quite long time, I thought Jair was preparing himself because he has a child and girlfriend inside, I waited in the kitchen but it took very long, then I knocked their door, Jair opened the door and Franzane was there sleeping. I said, Jair can you please help me to find my passport, it is an urgent situation and he said to me, sorry I didn’t sleep all night , I was playing computer game. Jackie’s room is a space divided from kitchen, there is no wall, only 3/4 wood to the ceiling and inside is always messy, all around are documents, papers. I and Jackie usually use second floor apartment to sleep, rarely we sleep in 3rd floor in Jackie’s room. when we decided to marry and refresh the marriage documents Jackie had put my passport in the cabinet and there were our expired marriage certificate and documents and my passport copies but passport was not there. i asked Jair please call your mother to ask where the passport, he said they have no load, they don’t have money because he not working, then I gave him a thousand pesos and I told him please I need to go to Turkey, my mother is not well. his girlfriend Fraume went to the store and bought load for her cellphone but none replied then he used land line to call her sister’s land line and for awhile they spoke on phone and Jair told me it is in the black bag, I told him my passport was with Jackie but they said they can’t help more. I went out and I saw his neighbor asking me to help him to carry his stuff because he was moving to Pangasinan and I helped him. Then I left from there. While I was in session road Mishaele texted me and said to me that I have Harry’s money and she has my passport. Give the money to her and she will give me my passport. I said I have nothing to talk with you. Tell your mother to meet me and give my passport and she said to me that Harry and Mishaele will meet me, not Jackie and she was teling to come to my house. She already had disturbed my landlord and neighbors and my landlord wanted me to vacate the house, also Jackie and Mishaele had my 2 other rooms and charged 2 months advance from other rooms, I had given 3 months advance to Jackie when we first rented the apartment they paid only one month money and my landlord wants me to leave. Then Harry texted me and threatened me and Mishaele was telling me to meet in my apartment to give her 80.000 Pesos, Jackie will give me my money and Mishaele was going to give me my passport. I understood that they were planning a trap to me because Mishaele kept threatening me before and i went to police station 3 to get help advised me to do a blotter and file a case so they would return my passport. I did as police adviced me and a police took me to the justice hall to the prosecutor to compete the procedure, when we came out from justice hall, Mishaele texted me to meet in good taste and I asked to the police to company me so I could get my passport, police officer told me that he should return to police station 3 but I should go to police station 7 get a police officer and meet them. I went to police station 7 and I saw Jaqueline, Mishaele and Harry was there already. Officers put me and Jackie into a room to talk but while we were talking Harry attacked me, officers pacified him, i was showing Jackie our marriage certificate and I told her it takes maximum 10 days to get married in Philippines but you played with me 15 months, then suddenly Mishaele attacked on papers and she destroyed one of them. Then I made police officer to report those events. Then Mishaele took Harry to their attorney’s office, then later Mark (Mishaele’s husband), Jair and Fraume came to the police station 7, then Jacqueline made a blotter against me, saying that I took her atm card by force and I took her pin number in exchange of her freedom. after this we left from police station.
After that day Jackie was threatening me that she will file against me, I said to her when CCTV is shown I want to see your face and then she said,there will be other cases, not 1 but 7, Mishaele keep texting me and asking me to forgive them by saying that I preach them in Bible “love your enemy” , why are you not obeying God, suddenly she started becoming a faithful Christian. I told her give my passport and I will retract the case. Jacqueline told me that she has no sexuality with Harry, Harry is already 62 years old, he can’t perform himself as a man, she will pray, she will meditate and she will return to me, her children are not allowing her to see me, she can’t speak to me because of her children. In 27 October after I filed case against Jacqueline I spoke with an attorney and they advised me to go to Immigration Office and tell them about my passport. While I was speaking with the chief officer Guil Dulay, he said to me that a day before Jacqueline went to Immigration Office and asked him how to make me deported from Philippines. I showed me Guil Dulay every text messages and I explained him all details he told me to follow the procedure in court.

Jacqueline has step children from her late husband. One of them Abegail Agurin Orduna. I asked her to help me, I have to see Jacqueline for 5 minutes only, Abegail invited Jacqueline to her house and Jacqueline went there with Harry and Mishaele but she refused to talk with me there but she told me to meet in police station 3 and speak there. I needed only few minutes, my passport and Jacqueline was going to tell me that “Jesus Christ is the Lord, Jesus is the Son of God, Jesus is the Christ who came to this world in the flesh, you Musa Kaya are not my husband and I Jacqueline Tresenio Orduna am not your wife. She made me more than 2 hours in police station 3 but she couldn’t say those words and I prayed for her to live with the control of Holy Spirit but she didn’t even say Amen and I washed my hands against her and I cursed her and her family and left from there. After a day she texted me that she can’t tell lies to God, I am her real husband, she will go to abroad, she will work and pay her debts and if I wait for her she will marry me. All those events caused a great problem in my faith, I couldn’t endure those with a healthy mind, I attempted to suicide, then Jacqueline was crying to me that she will be put in jail because of the case I filed. She asked me to retract together, I accepted, I forgave her but according to what she says her son can’t retract the case because they made a minor to be involved with the case to put me in jail.

On the text messages of Jacqueline she confesses everything already. I never say to none that I am innocent perfect person. I am a very sinful person but this is for sure I never threatened anyone, I didn’t enter any house by force, I didn’t use a high voice to anyone. If I made any noises near by their house, their house is covered with other houses all around, they would have at least 20 witnesses. Mishaele and Jair thinks everyone is stupid and they are most clever. There are CCTV footage around police station 7 they were all in police station 7 on the 25th, if I threatened them they would go to police station 3 and they would file cases there the very same day. If it was real accusation Jacqueline would never ask financial help from me or she wouldn’t keep saying me to forgive her. This case filed against me with fake accusations because they want to cover their sins by sacrificing me, nothing else. Is there any other woman in Philippines calling a foreigner husband, a day later calling another foreigner as fiance? Or how come Jair not telling her sister that I threatened them I forcibly entered their house this is why they filed case against me but he say I want Musa to go back to Turkey this is why I filed case.

Jacqueline and her children are just misusing the authorities because there is no proper investigation about the case, they are using the fear of the people but I am not afraid of them. All the evidences prove that they are lying.
I don’t want case settled, I want justice totally, I will file case against them for misusing the authorities to put me in jail. No more forgiveness for them.


  1. This man a big liar! He is a fugitive from Turkey and a human trafficker . He is blackmailing people and destroying peoples reputation because he need to pay big amount of money to the government because he is a criminal and shot a military man intentionally .He need to pay 10,000 USD or else their house will be taken by the government. Peter Moses or Musa Kaya doesn’t have any money left because he gambles a lot in Casinoin the Philippines and all his money was gone.He got all vices, drunkard and womanizer. He was a beggar and no shelter to put his head and no food to eat and good people feed him and gave shelter to him. He is a big liar straight , that came out of hell using his knowledge of God’s word to decieve people and depart from their faith. This man does not have big amount of money when he came here in the Philippines because he was cast out by his family because he shot a military and his father died because of his bad behavior! How can he bring money in the Philippines ? He is a jobless man in his country and fugitive!


  2. It is good for you to take the real story before publishing. Why not contact the people involved in this story. Investigate, ask , verify first before you post , before you publish or believe a story given to you!


  3. Please investigate, verify gather information for both parties involved in this false unreal fabricated story posted or shared by Peter Moses or Musa Kaya


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