Stagg to Stagnation.

Adam Stagg, was listed by the British police and various media outlets as Britain’s seventh (7th) most wanted scammer. Media stated he was arrested in the Philippines at the request of the British Embassy in Manila, this is almost impossible to prove as obtaining information from any Embassy is a as difficult as getting blood from a stone.

Mr. Stagg indeed was arrested at his rented home in Mabalacat, Pampanga, Philippines on February 10, 2017 at approximately 11am. He was arrested by the Philippine Bureau of Immigration (BI) Fugitive Recovery Unit (FRU), the unit created to act once an Embassy or a foreign government requests the apprehension of their national residing in the Philippines. Considering the specific functions of the (FRU) one may well assume Mr. Stagg’s arrest was indeed initiated by a branch of the British government.

Mr. Stagg was transported to the notorious Bureau of Immigration (BI) detention center in Camp Bagong Diwa Bicutan Metro Manila and languished there untill he finally flew home on March 1, 2018.

Raising the question was he extradited as he legally should have been by the British government or was he deported by the Philippine government?

The British Embassy in Manila, we have verified did not file a petition for extradition in a court of law and in fact at the urging of a vice consul at the British Embassy Mr. Stagg signed a voluntary deport request with the Philippine Bureau of Immigration and had to borrow money from family to pay for his airline ticket to return to the UK.

The British Home Office was then headed by the now Prime Minister Theresa May. At her directive a Joint Fraud Force was formed to replace the Serious Faud Squad. Tax payers spent a great deal of money establishing the specialised unit just to be disbanded after Mrs. May became Prime Minister.

Mr. Stagg’s deportation from the Philippines was up to last minute in question as the airline refused to allow him to board the aircraft without police escorts as his paperwork still had him listed as a fugitive. ( A fugitive wanted by authorities in his/her home country will always have escorts). We hear the intervention of the warden from the BI detention center assuring the airline that Mr. Stagg did not require escorts was the only reason that his departure succeeded.

Upon arrival at Heathrow airport Mr. Stagg was met by family, not government authorities, and he proceeded to Bristol to try to get his life back to a semblance of normalcy. He was interviewed by police a week after arrival and we hear from Mr. Stagg he is settling down and trying to forget his detention ordeal. We received recently the below message from Mr. Stagg.

“My name is Adam Stagg, a British citizen that’s been detained in for 358 days in The Philippines immigration Detention facility for a crime that I committed in 2016 thus obtaining by deception. This was a crime of £20,000. This was publicised over the news in 2016. The TV, radio, papers and social media as a top 10 con artist in England.

Understanding that it was Teresa May that formed this task force.

I have had the Bristol Avon and Somerset police state twice that I had no warrant for my arrest. So the question is why had I been detained for nearly a year not ever being extradited or any signs to of. I had to eventually pay for my own flight costing my family £600.

I was wrongfully detained for the reason that I shouldn’t of had a warrant for my arrest so why was I arrested and had to remain there in the absolutely horrific appalling conditions waiting to be able to pay for my own flight.

I was being kept in a third world country Detention Center where many rats freely roam, cock roaches, mosquitoes, bed bugs, mice and even stray cats linger the facility. People get sick because of the immense unhygienic filthy gutters, air and rats that crawls over stored food and any sitting area.

Our food was nothing but small parts of a chicken back or a rotten looking fish. We had to pay for our own drinking water. We hadn’t receive fruit or vegetables. And the facility is over crowded with at times people to sleep on any space they can find including a dirty floor.

What ever happened to human rights? As a British citizen that’s innocent until proved otherwise where is my equity or any rectitude from the embassy and the UK police knowing I’ve been here for the reason of only wanted for questioning? I had no sign of ever going home unless I had paid for my own flight.

No individual should ever have to suffer in those conditions – criminal or not. Guilty or innocent. The facility needs to be shut down or better organised with the justice system and hygiene hugely focused with.

Thanks to the people from VFaB, Ms. Sarah from the BI deport unit and a special thanks to Warden Muhammad Ali Plawan who all went out of their way to get me back home to my family”.

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