Senate-Nun too Good

We ended 2017 with the below New Year greetings to our honourable Senators…

“It’s Sunday the 31st of December, the last day of 2017. We wish all our friends a safe, healthy and prosperous New Year.

Please allow us, as the clock winds down to the end of what has an interesting year, may we again remind our nation’s Honourable Senators, the Immigration #DraconianLaws urgently need your attention.

Senate of the Philippines may you have a productive 2018 charting our nation’s future, starting with addressing the 2 Immigration bills pending in the upper house…..

Happy New Year to one and all”.

(Picture credits where due)

It is a shame that Senators Kiko Pangilinan, Risa Hontiveros and Bam Aquino wait until they can grab attention with a few “outraged sound bites” about an ailing aged nun to rail at the Gestapo like tactics of immigration when they know very well that everything immigration does is unconstitutional.

They know very well that immigration has systematically targeted and has been abusing foreigners for decades and this “Nun to good” issue is but the tip of the iceberg.

(Picture credits where due)

Immigration has been “arresting” foreigners on “Mission Orders” for extortion at the slightest excuse or complaint and imprisoning them indefinitely in camps (Camp Bagong Diwa) as bad as in Nazi Germany if they don’t pay.

We have exposed countless examples from lovers tiffs (see yet another coming soon – Justin-injustice) to Comm. Morente sanctioning the 6.4 Million Pesos scam of 28 Indian nationals in Iloilo – and have told Senators about it and have suggested the measures needed do to prevent it.

The solution comes from better law, not resolutions.

The 1940 Immigration Act was passed when the Philippines was still under American rule and predates our Constitution by nearly half a century!

Honourable Senators, our Constitution protects everybody including foreigners with Article III, the right to liberty and due process of law is fundamental and yet the 1940 Act remains as law when it is blatantly UN-CONSTUTIONAL by denying these basic rights. It is this same #DraconianLaws that Immigration use for their extortion, illegal detentions and summary deportations and to protect themselves from prosecution.

This law should have been addressed decades ago – but the Senate has done nothing about it to date.

The Senate has no excuses, there have been no less than eight New Immigration Bills introduced in the last decade. None have ever passed first reading. Enacting any one of these Bills would have stopped immigration from hounding the countless foreigners and their Filipino families that they have abused over the years.

Change the law, and show us that you are not co-conspirators to this extortion and disgraceful abuse of foreigners and enact any one of these Bills:-

Senate Bill – S.B. No. 3404, introduced 24th August 2009 by Senators Enrile, Pangilinan, Trillanes, Lacson, Angaraand Escudero. “Philippine Immigration Act of 2009”

House Bill – H.B. No. 1134. introduced 5th July 2013by Hon, Feliciano Belmonte Jr. “Philippine Immigration Act of 2013”

Senate Bill – S.B. No. 17, introduced 30th June 2016 by Sen. Franklin M. Drilon, “Immigration Act of the Philippines”

Senate Bill – S.B. No. 85, introduced 30th June 2016 by Sen. Francis G. Escudero, “Philippines Immigration Act”

House Bill – H.B. No. 1305 introduced 7th July 2016 by Hon Leopoldo N. Bataoil. “Philippine Immigration and Registration of Foreign Nationals Act” (hidden as maternity bill).

Senate Bill – S.B. No. 501, introduced 16th July 2016 by Sen. Antonio “Sunny” F. Trillanes, “Philippine Immigration Act of 2016”

House Bill – H.B. No. 5525, introduced 3rd May 2017 by Hon Gus S. Tambunting, “Philippine Immigration Act of 2017”

Senate Bill – S.B. No. 1556, introduced 16th August 2017 by Sen. Loren B. Legardo, “Philippine Immigration and Registration of Foreign Nationals Act”

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