Bureau of Immigration-Davao

Unfortunately it seems the shenanigans within the Bureau of Immigration (BI) continues unabated. From extortion, kidnapping, syndicated racketeering amongst many other criminally liable activities.

Our informant tells us of a recent incident at the BI Davao office. Davao City of course is the home town of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte and the Mayor is non other than Sarah Duterte Carpio the President’s daughter. We are told a Spanish national detained at the facility escaped from the 3rd floor by jumping thru a window at between 0100-0300h on June 11, 2018.

( The Window )

Our source tells us the Spaniard broke the window and disappeared into the night. We were told there were yesterday, Police and National Bureau of Immigration (NBI) activities at the facility and a manhunt to recover the mischievous Spaniard has been launched.

No Main Stream Media (MSM) reports on the escape yet so it is apparent that the BI “money making machine” (MMM) has issued a gag order while the recovery efforts are ongoing. Command responsibility gentlemen, will resignations be forthcoming or is there totally no “delicadeza” left in the Bureau.

Commissioner Jaime Morente care to comment or how about resigning?

What’s up Doc


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