RIP Bill

Sadly what VFaB has been predicting for some time has happened (AGAIN) in the Bureau of Immigration (BI) detention facility at Camp Bagong Diwa Bicutan Métro Manila.

An American national William Mark St. Cyr died in the isolation cells of the notorious detention center, alone and without medical attention. He was found around lunch time on the floor of his cell and was, judging from the condition of his body it is thought he passed away sometime earlier in the day.

Bill or “The Shake Man” as he was know as he used to sell flavoured shakes to visitors at the facility untill he became sick. He was diagnosed with TB and the BI’s solution was to isolate him, not treat him but isolate him. Detained since 2013, what! Wait a minute six (6) years in an immigration facility, how on earth does that happen you may ask. Well it’s simple, NEGLECT, no additions, no subtractions. A BI failure, a DoH failure and mostly a US Consular section failure.

VFaB would like to give a big shout out to the US Ambassador Hon. Sung Kim;

and all the hard working State Department personnel assigned at the Consular section of the US Embassy in Manila;

Who have done absolutely NOTHING, NADA, WALA, to address the needs of American detainees and the ongoing Human Rights violations at the BI detention facility. In our humble opinion you should all be immediately fired for incompetence and sent back to the US to face appropriate charges in a court of law.



    1. hello, I am very interested in any story about this William St. Cyr, that died in detention. I can’t help but notice your article is dated the 31st of January, while the news papers date his death as on the 2nd of Feb. how can that be?

      ty, Bryan

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