Davao Update

A quick update on the Spanish national who escaped recently from the 3rd floor of the Bureau of Immigration (BI) … More

Bureau of Immigration-Davao

Unfortunately it seems the shenanigans within the Bureau of Immigration (BI) continues unabated. From extortion, kidnapping, syndicated racketeering amongst many … More

To Trust or Not?

This picture was taken approximatly 7 months ago when the Russian Prime Minister attended a regional summit and visited President … More

Senate-Nun too Good

We ended 2017 with the below New Year greetings to our honourable Senators… “It’s Sunday the 31st of December, the … More

Stagg to Stagnation.

Adam Stagg, was listed by the British police and various media outlets as Britain’s seventh (7th) most wanted scammer. Media … More

Love Gone Wrong

We received this story from a Turkish national who provided us with numerous pictures and screenshots of messages. He asked … More

Two Hours per Year

Our readers will be familiar with our exposures of Immigration corruption and we will have more stories to shock you … More

Immigration Inferno

The below is “Fake News” but the storyline has the potential to turn into a reality unless the Department of … More